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7 Successful Steps Guarantee to Get a Mortgage Loan

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A Mortgage Loan is a loan taken for maintaining or buying a house or any kind of real estate. This loan is approved on any immovable asset as collateral. The immovable assets include commercial properties or houses, with the value depending on the loan amount. The loan is paid back with an interest rate, and the collateral guarantees safe repayment. 

Sometimes you need to go through a lot of hassle while getting a mortgage loan sanctioned. So today, we bring 7 successful steps that are guaranteed to help you get a mortgage loan. Continue with the blog to know about those steps in detail and the importance of the mortgage loan calculator

7 Successful Steps Guarantee to Get a Mortgage Loan

  • Try to Improve your Credit Score 

A credit score is a value that determines the creditworthiness of a borrower. The mortgage loan lenders consider 650 to be the minimum credit score to get a loan. Some government-backed mortgage loan lenders even give the loans at a credit score of 500. 

It is essential to maintain a good credit score to avail of lower interest rates. The greater the score, the easier it is to get a mortgage loan. 

  • Keep a Check on Your Credit Reports

You need to go through your credit report before applying for a Mortgage Loan, especially if you are looking for lower mortgage loan interest rates. You must check if there are any negative details in your report. If any, you must work on making your report more decent and worthy. Credit Reports depend on the bankruptcy, account in collections and delayed payments by an applicant. 

Credit Report directly influences the probability of getting approval for a mortgage loan. It shows how disciplined you were with the timely repayment of bills and loans. 

  • Calculate the Affordable Loan Amount

With the help of the home loan EMI calculator online calculate the loan amount you can afford. Select the loan amount you want to borrow and select the tenure and interest rate to get the EMI value. Check if you will be able to spend that value every month from your income. 

If the amount is not affordable, then try changing the parameters. Calculate the affordable loan amount by the mortgage loan calculator

  • Know What kind of Loan do you Want

Look for the mortgage loan that best suits your requirements. Based on your condition you can choose the best. 

  • Conventional vs Government-backed

Conventional is a private mortgage loan with strict eligibility criteria, while the other Government-backed mortgage loan has flexible criteria to help low credit scores.

  • Fixed vs Variable Interest Rates

Fixed interest rates stay the same throughout the tenure of loan repayment and are safe. While the other variable keeps changing and is more hectic to deal with. 

  • Shorter vs Longer Term

The shorter tenure of repayment is 15-20 years long and has more monthly weightage. Longer tenure has less monthly pressure but as time increases, so does the interest rate.

  • Keep the Paperwork Ready

You know how important documentation has become these days. Collect all the documents so that you don’t need to look for them at the eleventh hour. The lender might demand any of the paperwork below are the most commonly asked documents.

  • Proof of Assets 
  • Income Verification 
  • List of Liabilities
  • Search for the Best Mortgage Interest Rates

Before you apply for any mortgage loan, do the utmost research on the best interest rates available. The interest rates applied to your amount directly influences your EMI. Check for the best mortgage loan interest rates and apply for the loan accordingly. Credit score maintenance will help you avail of lower interest rates. Go to lenders you know already for discounted interest rates. Do enough research before landing on any decision.

Alongside the interest rate, do check if there are some additional charges. Prepayment charges and penalty fees must be checked beforehand. Look for lenders with the best interest rates with nominal charges on other formalities. 

  • Get Pre-Approval by the Lender

The process of getting a loan sanctioned is effortful. To reduce some effort off your shoulder, you can ask your lender to pre-approve your documents. However, it does not mean that you don’t need to go for further processes. The pre-approval is simply done to evaluate the applicant’s data so that he can get a roadmap. 

The lender will thoroughly check your credit score, income and assets to analyze if you are eligible. If not, he will deny or suggest going for the lower loan amount. You need to submit the documents asked for afterwards. Getting pre-approved does not mean it is a green flag for the money getting transferred. 


Assess all the points carefully before you take a Mortgage Loan as it’s a long-time obligation. Keep in mind these points, and make sure you go through all the information before applying for a mortgage loan. After the loan approval, you become eligible to buy the house of your dreams with a handful of years of repayment. 

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