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7 Benefits of Custom Printed Packing Tapes for Small Businesses

HomeBusiness7 Benefits of Custom Printed Packing Tapes for Small Businesses

We have entered a digital era, and it’s not only good enough to have a website and social media page – the competition is fierce. 

Small businesses need to find that one thing that sets them apart. And while custom packing tape may seem like a small thing, there are many benefits of investing in this small item.

This post will go over 7 of those benefits and some tips on the best use of custom printed packing tapes for your business.

What are Custom Printed Packing Tapes?

Packing tape is a type of tape that is specifically used for packing and shipping. This tape does one job well when sealing envelopes, providing an added layer of security. It is rolled up like a ribbon, providing enough pressure to easily ensure that the flap opens.

Custom printed packing tapes are pre-taped with one or two lines of text that can include your logo or company name. This makes them uniquely you, allowing you to add some extra marketing value to your shipping labels.

Benefits of Custom Packing Tape for Small Businesses

1- Helps in Increasing Brand Awareness:

Just think about the last time you needed to mail an important document or package. Most of us will either stick a generic mailing label on the box or use printed tape from our computer printer – but only a small portion of people will go the extra mile and purchase custom tape with their company’s name and logo. This is a great way to get your brand out there without any extra expense.

2- Gives small businesses a unique look:

While small business cards are a great way to get your business name and contact information out there, these simple pieces of paper always seem to be the same old boring design. 

A custom packing tape will have no problem standing out and catching the eye of every passerby.

3- Makes your packaging stand out:

If the person receiving your package can’t even read what is on the packing slip, you might as well have not bothered using it at all. Most people don’t read these small pieces of paper. 

They will only look at the first thing they see. Usually, the shipping label or paperwork you are sending with your package. A custom print protects against this issue and gives your visitors a chance to see what is inside the box right away easily.

4- Great way to show off your unique products:

If you have any unique features about your product, there is nothing better than packaging it with custom tape that shows it off! Whether it’s a special fabric or design, or even the color, anything that makes your product stand out can be more prominent with custom tape.

5- Affordable way to get mailing labels and return address labels:

While you can purchase these online or in a store, you will usually find that custom tape is a lot less expensive. And while there may be a variety of designs with the premade labels, there is only one design available for custom-designed labels. That’s why it’s always a good idea to invest in custom tape if you plan to order mailing labels or return address labels.

6- Custom tape allows little free advertising:

As mentioned above, your customers won’t be able to read the packing slip if it is not clear. So why not make it a little more interesting by adding custom tape? 

This little extra will make people want to keep your tape as a souvenir and give you a little free advertising while they are at it.

7- Adds a layer of package security:

No one wants their package snatched out of the mail carrier’s hand and stolen. While your customers will be able to see what is in their package with custom packing tape, they will be less likely to steal it if there is a layer of security added with a printed label.

How to get started with custom tapes?

Now that you know the benefits of using custom packing tape, here are some tips on how to get started:

  • Create a design that is simple yet stands out from the crowd. If your company name is very small and you have no logo, consider using shapes, graphics, and lettering to stand out.
  • Make sure you are consistent with your design and choose the same color, especially for your barcode or address label.
  • Keep it simple when printing your artwork; use a laser printer instead of a regular ink printer. The quality will be much better on a laser printer.
  • Start with a small order and work your way up to don’t go over budget. Check out our popular custom packing tapes list to see how we can help you get started.

There will be no doubt that the next time someone needs a mailing label or return address label, they will be able to quickly grab it off the shelf and find your business name printed on it without even looking.


Custom packing tape is an affordable, small but effective solution that helps people recognize your brand quickly. 

The custom printed packing tapes will make your customers more likely to buy from you and purchase more because the simple design will be immediately recognizable. 

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