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6 Significant Reasons for You to Use Custom Cardboard Boxes

HomeBusiness6 Significant Reasons for You to Use Custom Cardboard Boxes

It is often a cumbersome task to look for the perfect packaging once you are done with the production of an item. Even at homes, we are often looking for safe packs to place valuables and fragile items to prevent them from getting damaged. The perfect box should be durable, eco-friendly, cost-effective and conveniently available. All these qualities point to one type of box which is excessively used across the globe and this is the common cardboard box! These packs provide an array of options to modify them into different cuts and curves as per requirements. While you may be using other materials for boxing, cardboard boxes have unique benefits acquainted to them for useful purposes. We have a set of six reasons why these packs can prove to be ideal;

Provides Protection

Cardboard boxes are made from corrugated and kraft material. It supports the product and holds it in place acting as a cushion. It is ideal for preventing any damage to the item while shipping and is able to withstand mediocre traumas which might harm the product inside otherwise. Fragile products like glassware, liquids, and even electronic items can be placed inside custom cardboard boxes with the assurance of safe deliveries of these products. Not only this, but the food packaging industry has also started boxing eatables in customized cardboard boxes to enhance their brand image in a cost-effective way.


These boxes can be cut, resized and reshaped into various calibers and molds. Moreover, it comes with the ease of being glued, stapled and taped thus securing items gets easier. These packs are usually flat and can fit in small places. The cardboard material makes the box durable enough to withstand a certain degree of pressure and trauma to cushion the items inside the box plus fitting into confides places.

Sustainability of Cardboard boxes

Cardboard boxes are manufactured from a range of raw products like simple single sheets of paper to the corrugated complex layers of kraft paper to make it strong, hard and thick. These packs are biodegradable, recyclable and made from renewable sources. This indicates their obvious benefits to the environment. Being degradable, the material returns to the ground once the box is discarded. These boxes do not take much effort to get recycled and since they are generated from renewable sources like plants and barks of timber, they are not a threat to draining natural resources.  All of these aspects make cardboard packs sustainable.


Cardboard boxes are manufactured at extremely low rates. This is an immense benefit for the manufacturers as well as the retailers. Since the boxes are made out of corrugated material it is easily viable and cheap. The assembling is also an easy process and does not require heavy machinery or expensive raw materials. Another plus point, they are available on wholesale custom cardboard boxes as well. This really cuts down on the costs for the manufacturers. These packs are a feasible and cost-effective solution in an era where the expenses of production and manufacturing are fueling day by day.

An Amazing Marketing tool

Plastics are very hard to print on, the most you can do is apply a sticker. This brings on added expenses for the business. When we talk about cardboard boxes, they can easily be customized and printed on. Your brand packaging needs to communicate the brand’s agenda and makes the customer feel it is coming from the home. Specific attention should be given to labels, shapes, and colors used in customized packaging. Since the cardboard boxes can be stamped, lithographed and imprinted it serves as an amazing marketing tool to promote the brand.

Custom Cardboard boxes

Nowadays different techniques for packaging are available which are cost-effective as well as eco-friendly. You have to make your product stand out on that shelf at the mart so you need to give innovation and creativeness an extra effort.  The advantage of choosing cardboard boxes for customization is that they support printing and graphics capabilities and are more sustainable to specialized printing options such as digital, litho and screen printing. Effective printing techniques serve as a great platform for marketing and brand promotion.

Cardboard boxes wholesale

Cardboard boxes wholesale is a way in which you can increase the sale of your products. Selling cardboard boxes in wholesale is a cost-effective way to promote products at wholesale stores. Not only is it cost-effective for the seller but also the customer who saves money when buying items in a bulk. Buying a bulk of the same product individually builds up the cost of each item being purchased. However wholesale stores offer discounts which encourage the buyers to pick these products. Thus this, in turn, helps the brand in making loyal customers.

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