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6 Innovative Mascara Packaging Ideas   

HomeBusiness6 Innovative Mascara Packaging Ideas   

There are few industries that are capable of making loyal consumers who are crazy for any new product in the line to be launched, cosmetics industry is one of them. The brands who have developed a fan following in the industry are now the big giants who have worked hard to get on that position in the market. Fashion accessories like mascara sell like hot pancakes; the demand for such cosmetic products is rising daily due to increasing trend of use of such products. Investing in such a business means you can grab a good amount of profit, but this also means that you have to stand out and get over the big conglomerates in the market by showing the consumers that your product is not inferior to anyone. You have to do this by your packaging designs as the beauty industry is associated with the visuals, hence the visuals of your product also matters. You can make use of custom boxes for making your accessory look more appealing in the market and stand out on the market shelves. These boxes can widely be customized according to need, in any desired shape or size on a relatively low cost from a Custom Mascara Boxes Wholesale supplier. The printing finish on such boxes can also be selected according to the audience you are going to target. These can help your brand to make a concrete brand image in the market and clear the brand statement in the minds of consumers. Custom Mascara Boxes USA is a growing market due to high demand for such packaging. Here are some ideas which you can consider while designing better Mascara Boxes.

Utilize designs according to the target audience

The design of your mascara packaging will always depend upon the target consumers, what is your target demographic and psychographic of the consumers and what they prefer? If you are targeting teen girls, the design may be according to them which are appealing enough for their level. Teens are more fascinated with sparkles and colors which are bold and vibrant in visuals. While the design for elders will be more minimal.

The design of packaging also depends upon the medium through which you are going to communicate with them. If you are going to sell the item on social media, the packaging will be different from what you use in boutiques and small retail shops.

Dark theme

The use of a dark color palette on mascara packaging can help your brand to be noticed easily in the market. Mascara is associated with dark lines and the use of dark packaging will help you to impact the consumers about the premium nature. This theme will associate your product with rich nature and help you to increase the sales by using such packaging.

Minimal fonts

The use of typography on any product can help it to look more appealing than the rest of the alternatives in the market. If used properly, typography can leave a memorizing effect in the minds of consumers. The use of bold fonts states your brand statement and associates your brand with a strong nature. Minimal packaging with creative use of typography can create a unique look and help your business to raise the sales which ultimately affects your profit.

Use of catchy patterns

Patters and illustrations always look fascinating to human eyes; the appeal these create is unique. Custom Printed Mascara Boxes with bold and wild pattern designs can help your brand to appeal to more clients due to the vibrant look these give. The use of such patterns can also help your product to jump off the shelves and appeal a homogeneous majority of audience.

Use of earthy floral designs

If you are not a fan of dark themes with minimal typography and want to give consumers a more luxurious and vibrant nature of brand with the use of packaging, this design is for you. The use of floral theme with colorful printed flowers on the boxes can give a retro hence luxurious look to your brand. Rich floral designs with simple use of typography give an ultimate comforting and feminine look to the product.

Colors selection

While selecting the color palette of your boxes, it is very important to keep many factors in the mind. You have to stay true to your brand image while also making your product to be differentiated from the rest of the alternatives in the market. Choose a color palette for your Mascara Boxes which is true representation of your brand theme and then try to experiment with different shades of that hue.

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