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5 ways to express your feelings to your partner

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There’s love in all of us, but we have different ways of expressing it. Sometimes what we try to convey doesn’t reach our partner the way it is supposed to. Why? Because they have a different love language. Love language is a form of expressing one’s feelings and emotions. There are mainly five love languages that we’re going to explore here. So let’s begin

  • Use your words

The easiest and most common way to express your feelings, and one that is guaranteed to work, is to use words of affirmations. Take some time out to tell your partner what you like about them, praise them occasionally, be attentive when they tell you the little things that matter to them and bring them up later in a meaningful conversation. For example, if they happen to mention an insecurity about their body, praise that feature at a very random time later. Making a person feel special all depends on the right use of words without making it sound too cheesy or fake.

  • Do something for them

The second language of love is an act of service. Some people like it when you do things for them. It can be the smallest of things, but the gesture counts. From remembering to clean up the kitchen before the wife comes home, to keeping his car keys in place because he leaves things lying around; these are little acts of service that make a great deal of difference. It makes the other person feel that they’re important, they are being paid attention to.

  • Gift them 

Who doesn’t like gifts? If that is the love language of your partner, then you need to ace your gifting skills. Gifts need not be expensive or extravagant like lab diamond engagement rings and they do not need an occasion either. You could get your partner a simply bouquet or even a single rose out of the blue to let them know you were thinking of them. Alternatively you can pay attention to something they’ve been saying they want and get them the item that they need. For example, if your partner has been saying they need a new pair of socks, a garden tool or a kitchen utensil, get it for them. It’s the thought that counts.

  • Express using intimacy

Some people express best through touch. Physical touch is romantic, reassuring, supporting and gives a feeling of being there for someone. If your partner is one of them then here’s what you need to do. Surprise hugs, sudden kisses and lots of cuddles are mandatory. If you’re in a public place, you could also occasionally hold their hand while walking, put your hand over their shoulder or waist or just brush it against theirs to let the serotonin flow and make them feel better already. The best part about expressing through intimacy is that you simply don’t need words anymore. The touch says it all.

  • Spend more time with them

Finally, the 5th love language is quality time. Well, honestly this is something you need to give your partner irrespective of what their love language is. It’s the bare minimum. Everyone is busy nowadays and just living with someone does not imply that you have time for each other. You always have to MAKE time for your partner. Plan something special; maybe a date night with movie, a walk in the nearby garden, lying on the terrace watching the stars. The point is to have some time just for them, where nothing else matters; it’s just the two of you. Make them feel wanted, let them know how much you have missed not having them around or not being able to look into their eyes and feel the love. Taking time out once every few days in this busy work life can do wonders in your relationship.

Sometimes it helps to combine two or more of these ways to let your partner know how you feel about them. For instance, gift them something from jewellers in hatton garden along with a love letter.  In fact, use all the ways one by one just to see which works best. After all, nothing’s ever too much when it comes to expressing love!

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