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5 Factors to Help You Choose the Right Database Service Provider in Singapore

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Selecting the best database provider is often daunting for SMEs in Singapore. Also, the market is home to multiple database companies, making choosing a suitable service provider challenging. 

The database quality, services, and pricing are identical for some vendors and different for others. At the very outset, businesses need to be clear about their requirements before researching prospective database providers. Here are five factors to help entrepreneurs choose the right database vendor in the highly digitized B2B marketplace of Singapore:

Ethical Database Compilation from Trustworthy Sources:

When the database vendor doesn’t disclose the data sources or the collection process, it is a definite red flag. Professional database service providers offer end-to-end B2B data solutions that have ethical, transparent, and well-documented procedures for businesses to cross-verify. Using unethically compiled data from dubious sources is not recommend as it will tarnish the brand image. More importantly, Singapore is home to critical privacy protection laws like GDPR. Therefore, maintaining transparency and choosing a reliable source for database collection is crucial. 

In-depth and High-Precision Data-based Insights: 

The best database service providers are renowned for tailoring databases exactly as per the marketing requirements of the buyer. The buyer’s persona and pain points are ideally the guidelines that determine the data fields, subsets, and filters. Whatever company information and insights are provided should be deep, specific, and relevant to the marketing campaign.

B2B Telemarketing Services and Email Marketing: 

The productivity index of a database is directly determine by the ROI boost of email marketing and telemarketing. Businesses should go through case studies of how the best database service providers have been advantageous to their existing clients. The size of the database should never be correlated with its quality. Even a small/medium-sized list of high-potential prospects can reinvigorate B2B lead generation and enhance conversions by a huge margin.

Mutual Consensus on the Database Deliverability: 

Whether the database intent is to run an email marketing campaign or for B2B telemarketing services, deliverability is crucial. The vendor needs to specify the guaranteed percentage of emails, phone calls, or messages that will reach the intended prospects. Since B2B contact data tends to decay very quickly, providing a hundred percent assurance is unrealistic. But anything below ninety percent is unacceptable and implies that the database is outdated.

Actionable Sales and Marketing Insights:

Traversing the bustling B2B landscape of Singapore is no mean feat. The heightening competition has made it necessary for businesses today to go beyond regular contact lists for B2B telemarketing services. Outsourcing a database along with data management and analytics services is need to win over new clients.


Across all B2B industries in Singapore, the demand for a high-quality database is prevalent. Businesses are keen on equipping their marketing teams with a professionally compiled list of qualified prospects to save voluminous resources and time, ensuring a constant flow of leads through the sales funnel. Also, investing in the wrong database can astray all demand and lead generation campaigns. Hence, businesses should pay heed to the above factors before subscribing to any database service.

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