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5 Important SEO Recommendations for Good SEO

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As an e-commerce business, your business growth is dependent on the performance of your site. Getting more visibility is a necessary prerequisite in getting leads. Ecommerce sites have to fight for search rankings or risk bankruptcy. Managing an e-commerce site requires hard work, perseverance, and consistency. SEO for e-commerce aims to attract more visitors to your site and increase your profits.

Optimizing the site for search engines is a persistent and consistent effort. It takes time for search engines to recognize your site and feature it on the search results page.

Focus on these 5 areas when doing SEO for your site-

Product Reviews

Product reviews let your customers evaluate the quality of your products. As a business owner, getting feedback from your customers is crucial. Through them, you can find whether your customers believe that your products are worth the price. It will help you make improvements which increase sales.

Product reviews also help in rankings, and sites with positive reviews rank higher. Having both positive and negative reviews on your site builds reputation.

Reviews are effortless ways to produce content that improves rankings. Your site could rank for keywords from the reviews. To hear back from customers, you can send emails or call your customers to leave a review of their experience with your product.

Link Building

Getting high-quality inbound links helps in SERP rankings as the search engines recognize your authority and expertise in your domain. You require links for every category of your site for visibility. Giveaways to bloggers will help you get more engagements and mentions about your brand. 

Make sure to get links from high-domain authority sites. Low-quality sites affect your reputation as Google penalizes them. Ensuring that your links come from high domain authority sites is essential for positioning yourself as a thought leader in your industry. An e-commerce service provider specializing in e-commerce SEO services can help you develop a link-building strategy.


The need for mobile-friendly sites is more prominent in our day. Three-quarters of the world will only use their smartphones to access the web by 2025. E-commerce businesses will miss a lot if they do not optimize their sites for a mobile-friendly experience. If a mobile user finds your site unresponsive, he will go to your competitor. Google stops recommending your site if it is not mobile optimized. 

Your Page Load Speed is a central factor in giving a mobile-friendly experience. Reduce the size of images by compressing them. Check that your site does not have a lot of redirects. You need to remove popups and sidebars for mobile sites. Make sure that the search bar is visible for better navigation.

Product Descriptions

Product descriptions help visitors to understand the features, makeup, and purpose of your products. It aids both in brand visibility and in search rankings. It should explain how your products improve the quality of life. You should discuss the benefits, place of manufacturing, and available shapes, colors, and sizes. It is also essential to convey what type of people your products target. 

Including high-quality images and videos of your products allows your customers to make a decision. FAQ content is necessary to educate your audience about the products. Not having an FAQ section will make you lose traffic and revenue. Make sure to add a CTA and make it easy to find how to purchase your products. Your visitors will buy from your competitors if your site does not have a strong CTA.

Create a Blog

Customers these days are educated. They want quality and have high expectations for a product. They do more research in finding the best products at the best prices. Blogging can help you highlight your differentiating factor and persuade your customers to choose your brand. Customers are 131% more likely to buy from you after reading educational content from your blog. Therefore, blogging is beneficial from a sales perspective.

Blogging can help you cut advertising costs. Your content would attract a big audience, and it is not expensive to hire writers. Your content is available all the time on the site for any visitor stopping by. Blogging builds a community and engages your audience in a meaningful way. One of your posts could go viral and get thousands of visitors to your site. An e-commerce service provider specializing in e-commerce SEO services can help you hire writers in your niche.

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