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5 Common Commercial Tinting Mistakes To Avoid

HomeLifestyle5 Common Commercial Tinting Mistakes To Avoid

The popularity of commercial window tint installations has grown exponentially over the years. Commercial tinting offers protection against harmful UV rays and strengthens windows’ structural integrity with added privacy and security.

When choosing a window tinting professional, it is essential to be wary of certain things. We have compiled a list of five common mistakes made by business owners when hiring a commercial tinting company.

Tinting your office windows is an investment with huge returns, such as a significant decline in your utility costs and energy bills while offering your office a sleek and corporate look. A commercial window tint can keep your employees away from distractions.

It is crucial to choose your professional commercial window tinting practitioner, ensuring you don’t get ripped off in the process. The commercial window installation process can be time-consuming. Most commercial property owners may find themselves in a bind if they overlook certain factors when hiring a window tinting company.

Top five common mistakes commercial property owners make when opting for commercial window tint installations:

  1. Selecting The Wrong Window Tint

There are many types of commercial window tints available in the market, serving different purposes. The first tint you see may not always be the most suitable one for your commercial property.

Your commercial property is ideal for window tinting if you want a fade reduction on your furniture, overall heat reduction, privacy, additional security, or UV protection. Depending on the purpose of your commercial window tint installation, you can select the right kind of tint for your property.

Commercial window tinting enables you to control the amount of brightness, length, and more. The added security from burglars and protection from the destruction caused by natural events boosts your employee’s productivity while offering a modern and organized look from inside and outside.

2. Inadequate Background Check Of Tinting Company

It is crucial to ask the right questions when selecting a window tinting company that ensures the quality of chosen tint and its services. If you choose a low-quality service provider, it may be considered as an act of consumer negligence.

Tint By Masters is a leading expert offering a variety of window tint installations for both commercial and residential properties. It is vital to ensure the commercial tinting service you opt for has real experience and professionals.

An excellent way to verify the prospective commercial window tinting company is through Google, testimonials, reviews, and word of mouth through friends and family. When communicating with the window tint company, ask their staff about their history, experience, and challenges they are equipped to face.

3. Opting For A Darker Shade Of Tint

If you choose a dark tint shade, it can dramatically reduce natural light in the area, making it slightly cooler. It is a common misconception that choosing the darkest window tint will offer better protection against UV rays.

These days transparent films can block up to 90% of UV rays. If protection from harmful UV rays is your goal, choosing solar window tints is the best option. Commercial window tints can help you cut back on your energy bills making your property energy efficient and sustainable.

Lighter color window tints are ideal for an office space requiring natural light. On the other hand, darker window tints are suitable for the office of senior management to offer added privacy.

4. Choosing An Unmanageable Window Tint

One of the most common mistakes commercial property owners make is opting for a window tint that is difficult to manage.

Window tints are easy to maintain and clean up with certain exceptions. Certain shades of window films need special maintenance and need specific cleaning requirements to prevent them from damage.

Ensure that you read the product description and enquire about its maintenance requirements from an installation expert before making your selection.

5. Leaving Tint Installation Unsupervised

We understand the challenges and turbulence one is preoccupied with daily, especially for commercial property owners. You may find yourself short on time to supervise the installation process. However, if your office space is getting commercial window tint installations for the first time, it may need special attention to ensure proper installation by a professional.

You can supervise the installation process, ensuring the cuts are laser-precise with all the measurements falling into place. There shouldn’t be any hanging, gaps, or trapped bubbles inside the tints.

Another essential thing to look out for is that the professional installing the window tint applies it on a squeaky-clean window surface to reduce the risk of dirt entrapment and improve the film’s longevity.


Tint By Masters offers all kinds of window tinting services for residential and commercial properties. At Tint By Masters, we have a team of expert window tint installation technicians with extensive experience to do the job right. Book an appointment with our experts today!

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