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A tiny house is a – often sustainable – house of a maximum of 50 m 2 . It is not a holiday home, but a mini-home that you live in permanently. To live comfortably in such a small house, you want to make optimal use of the available space. You can use some handy solutions for that. With these tips for the tiny house design you create a nice and practical place to live. Also more reading you can visit DHA Lahore Files Rates.

Tip 1: determine the smartest layout for the tiny house 

The layout of a tiny house is sometimes quite a challenge. How do you use the space optimally? In a tiny house with a smart, space-saving layout you not only live comfortably, but also super practical. For example, divide the house in half with a room divider in the living room . With a loft bed instead of a separate bedroom, you save a lot of space. And with these tips for organizing a small bathroom you can also create a mini-spa in your tiny house. Do you want to organize a tiny house, but don’t know where to start? Then enlist the help of a designer who specializes in tiny houses.

Tip 2: invest in multifunctional furniture for the tiny house design

In a tiny house, the interior requires quite a bit of creativity. In this small space it is important to ask yourself which things you really need and which things you can do without. It is also smart to invest in multifunctional furniture . In other words: furniture with a double function. These practical pieces of furniture serve, for example, as storage space and a seat, or as a table and desk. Useful multifunctional furniture for decorating a tiny house are:

A sofa bed or a (pull-out) bed with drawers underneath

With a sofa bed you get both a bed and a sofa in your home. Treat yourself to a good night’s sleep on a high-quality sofa bed or use the sofa bed as a guest bed. Fold the bed into a sofa during the day and you have a nice place to sit. This way you will find a good sofa bed that is comfortable to sit and sleep in.Or go for a (extendable) bed with drawers underneath. With a pull-out bed you can turn a single bed into a double bed in no time. Handy if someone comes to stay. You use the drawers under the bed as storage space. Do you opt for a double bed with drawers underneath? Then the bed takes up more space, but you have more storage space. Another option in a tiny house with smart furnishings is a folding bed. This variant folds up against the wall. This bed is not multifunctional, but when folded it takes up little space.

A desk that doubles as a dining table (or vice versa)

Another smart piece of furniture that cannot be missed in a tiny house is a table. Invest in a (preferably height-adjustable) desk that can also serve as a dining table to create a nice home workplace and dining area in the tiny house. Other smart ideas for tiny house furnishing are a fold-out or extendable dining table that you can work on or a loft bed with a desk and cupboard underneath. Eating under the bed may be less cozy than in the middle of the living room, but it is a smart and easy way to save space. Do you enjoy working at the dining table? Discover how to turn the dining table into a workplace . 

A cupboard that is used as a room divider 

With a room divider you can easily turn one large room into two smaller ones. Also in a tiny house. When furnishing the mini-home, think about a practical cupboard in which you can store things and at the same time divide the space in two. Do you live in a tiny house and are you looking for inspiration? These beautiful and practical cabinets are not only a welcome eye-catcher in the design of a tiny house, but steal the show in almost any interior. Are you handy, or do you have a handy father, neighbor or partner? With this step-by-step plan for a multifunctional room divider , you can assemble your own multifunctional piece of furniture in no time. 

Invest in furniture that you can use both indoors and outdoors

Buy lightweight furniture that you can use both indoors and outdoors. Handy if you want to sit in the sun in front of the tiny house in the summer, but prefer to stay indoors in the winter. 

Tip 3: provide storage space in every nook and cranny

In a tiny house there are many solutions for storing things. Whatever you do: make sure you make the most of all the available space. In addition to drawers under the bed or a cupboard as a room divider , you can opt for a super-efficient stair cupboard when furnishing a tiny house . Go higher with wall shelves or create an open compartment for the wall. Create some ‘hidden places’. For example, create a loft that you use as a kind of storage attic or create storage space in the ridge of the house by hanging several cupboards or shelves on the wall here. You can also use the outdoor space of the tiny house. Store things that you don’t use often, but want to keep in a garden cupboard .  

Tip 4: choose light colors and natural materials

When it comes to furnishing a tiny house, opt for a quiet interior. vtwonen stylist Fietje Bruijn tips: ‘With a tiny house design I wouldn’t go for too wild combinations of, for example, prints with bright colors. In a small house you are often always in contact with all rooms. Choose a good base of light shades, such as beige, gray and pastel, and then add depth and variation by using different materials. Natural materials such as wool, wood, cement and linen are especially nice because they bring peace.’ 

Tiny houses are often sustainable and sometimes even self-sufficient. Are you also looking for a sustainable design for a tiny house? Interior stylist Iris lives in a sustainable tiny house and misses nothing at all. Discover what a tiny house costs, so that you can have your own mini home built later. Do you want to live in a tiny house? The interior of these small houses will surely inspire you. Look inside five tiny houses and discover different solutions for decorating a tiny house.

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