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3 Ways to Integrate Call Center Systems in Call Centers

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Call center software functionalities are frequently viewed as building blocks. Companies acquire solutions and then supplement their capabilities with new software. Despite the fact that it has been widely utilized for over a decade, this strategy is unsustainable for a number of reasons.

Isolated call center telephony solutions incur considerable expenses for enterprises and limit their capacity to satisfy rising client needs. Without smooth integration with other technologies, these solutions limit or, in the worst-case scenario, harm their client experience.

Since most call center employees spend their time on multiple processes, integrating a complete call center solution is critical for any call center.

Here are the 3 best ways to integrate call center systems to improve your center’s efficiency.

Migrating to Cloud Services

Migrate to cloud

Many call centers employ software-as-a-service to ensure that their customers can manage various systems with a single solution. Cloud services are designed for effortless scalability. They are ideal for integrating different platforms; you can choose exactly what type of call center telephony solutions you want to have access to. If you need to alter due to business development, you can simply select a different plan. 

This is one of the primary reasons why cloud-based call center outsourcing solutions are useful for those attempting to integrate call center systems. It provides a complete call center solution that can be scaled to incorporate a center’s capacity for system integration.

Expanding Your On-Site Resources


Many call centers that now use on-premises software platforms may feel that improving their on-premises resources will make it easier to integrate call center systems. This is because more storage or bandwidth will be available to accommodate different platforms.

While adding new or more powerful servers to your call center may allow you to integrate call center solutions, it also means you have more to manage: additional servers to maintain and upgrade. 

Purchasing new hardware resources for your call center can also be rather pricey, and not all computers retain their value well after a few years.

Using a Centralized Desktop Solution

Centralized desktop 

One of the best ways to integrate your call center’s platforms is to employ a complete call center solution package that offers agents a unified desktop. It will allow them (agents) to view various sorts of information from a single screen at the same time. The best call center integration systems will deliver an integration platform as a service in your center.

That means you’ll also profit from moving to the cloud, where you’ll be able to easily upgrade the resources your center has access to, like call center training solutions. With the correct call center telephony solutions in place, you won’t have to worry about your agents taking too long to handle the many tasks that they must accomplish for your consumers.

This is significant because the sooner your personnel can handle customer complaints, the better the customer experience. How significant is the customer experience? According to research, 86 percent of clients will discontinue doing business with a company after having a bad experience.

Using On premises call center solutions instead of investing heavily in new on-site resources can save you a lot of money. Call center software solutions integration can cut call handle time by nearly one-third, which is why they are so valuable in assisting your call center in achieving its peak performance.

Future-Proofing With Aavaz FreePBX

Aavaz FreePBX

Aavaz is one of the leading cloud-based call center solution providers. With Aavaz’s complete call center solution, including call center training solutions, call centers can address the requirements of a rapidly changing customer experience landscape. Make each call count with Aavaz’s customized cloud-based call center solutions today!

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