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10 Most Useable Commercial Kitchen Cooking Equipment

HomeBusiness10 Most Useable Commercial Kitchen Cooking Equipment

When looking for a food business like cafes, restaurants, or bars, one of the most important aspects you can look at is the commercial kitchen equipment that they have available. 

Depending on what type of food you plan on serving, certain types of restaurant equipment will make food preparation easier and faster.

For example, if you plan to serve bakery-type foods like cakes, muffins, and cookies, then a large oven that can cook many pans at once will make it easier for you to prepare more food promptly. 

Also, having a large oven will be great because it can also hold enough baking trays and pans to prepare multiple batches of the same item.

In this blog, we will learn why you need proper kitchen equipment and the 8 most used kitchen equipment.

Why Do You Need to Invest in Commercial Kitchen Equipment?

You need commercial kitchen equipment to help you prepare food as efficiently as possible in your business, and you are busy running a business. Good equipment and skills can make your food preparation experience easier and more enjoyable.

The size and design of the commercial kitchen equipment should be compatible with the layout and style of your restaurant or cafe.

If you want to attract more customers, you may also consider investing in a professional-style bakery display to show off your baked goods and pastries.

Commercial Kitchen Cooking Equipment & Tools

Here is a list of the top 10 essential commercial cooking equipment and tools:

1- Baking oven:

Baking ovens are used for baking and cooking to bring out the taste and aroma of food for customers. Baking ovens can be used for baking muffins and baking cakes, cookies, and pastries.

Baking Ovens are great to use because they can hold a large volume of many trays of food at one time and cook the food evenly through convection heating. The size of your product will determine which kind of Baking Oven you should invest in.

2- Food processor:

Food processors are used for chopping, grinding, and mixing different varieties of food ingredients. Although you can chop and grate food with a knife, using a food processor will make you work more efficiently to get the job done quicker.

Food processors are used to preparing large batches of soups, sauces, or purees and chop vegetables or fruits by adding larger amounts of food than normal knives or choppers can handle.

3- Grinder or meat grinder:

Meat grinders are used to chop and grind the meat into ground meat. If you intend to serve hamburgers or sandwiches, then a meat grinder will make your life easier by saving you time. Most restaurants use a large and heavy-duty meat grinder that can handle the workload of making ground beef and chopping up vegetables and meats.

4- Commercial Dishwasher:

The commercial dishwasher is used to wash the dishes and clean them up for your customers. Having a commercial dishwasher will allow you to quicken the cleaning process and sanitize the dishes, and it will also help reduce waste and shrinkage.

Commercial dishwashers are available in two different sizes: small and large, depending on how many dishes you plan on washing at one time.

5- Deep Fryer:

Deep fryers are used to deep fry or cook different foods in hot oil. Deep fryers are available in various sizes, with some deep fryers holding a large volume of oil to cook multiple batches of food at once.

Another type of deep fryer is the air-fryer which heats hot air to cook food versus oil. Deep fryers and air-fryers have many different uses in a kitchen, like frying and cooking chicken, fish, and vegetables and toasting nuts or small cakes.

6- Microwave oven:

Microwave ovens are used to heat up or cook certain food items. They use electromagnetic waves to heat the food, and they can be used in a commercial kitchen if you are preparing baked foods such as cakes, cookies, or pastries.

Microwave ovens can heat leftovers instantly to eliminate the need to use the large oven to reheat leftovers.

Microwave ovens are also great for heating food at a fast rate but make sure that you do not overheat the food, or it could end up having a burnt taste.

7- Mixer/Blender:

Mixers and blenders are used to mix and blend food ingredients smoothly, and they can be used to mix drinks as well. Most commercial kitchens will have a large mixer available because they are useful in many different ways.

Mixers and blenders mix and blend ingredients, chop food and mix drinks like milkshakes or smoothies. A commercial blender is used for mixing a large amount of food at one time, and having a commercial blender in the kitchen will save you time from using multiple smaller-sized blenders.

8- Garlic press:

Garlic presses are used for crushing or squeezing garlic into a paste. You can use one of these to make a quick pesto or make garlic bread regularly. Garlic presses are great for preparing garlic bread because they can be used repeatedly without having to clean them up and keep them in good shape.


If you want your kitchen to be efficient and effective, you need to invest in commercial kitchen equipment. Knowing which commercial kitchen equipment or tools to invest in will allow you to make your business run smoother and faster.

To get the commercial kitchen equipment in Dubai, look no further than Marox. It is one of the best companies in the area that provides top-quality commercial kitchen equipment at a much more reasonable cost.

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